旭能  司 


2002  Virgin mega store Shinjuku store exhibition

2003  FASHION+PEOPLE MAGAZINE COLOR  Work introduction.

2006  "Hyde. Out" exhibition

2007  Group exhibition gallery in Washington Hotel

2008  Kawade Shobo Shinsha issue "I fall in love." 48 type illustration carrying

2008  BOOK OFF CAFE  Shirokanedai  Exhibition.

2008  Ginza gallery  Forest mini "YURU picture of the world" exhibition  Holding [Ginza]

2009  UNICE [Daikanyama] exhibition

GEISAI#12 [Tokyo Vic site] is submitted in 2009.

NEW YORK Gallery Seasons [NEW YORK] is exhibited in 2009.

T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY [Tennozu] is exhibited in 2009.

2009  BOOKOFF CAFE [Shirokanedai] exhibition

2009  SORAKAFE [Fukuoka] art produce

2009 year [Ginza] Ginza gallery  Forest mini exhibition

2010  Homeless support  Free paper  THE BIG ISSUE  Work introduction.

2010  [Futakotamagawa] exhibition  Green tea and food miscellaneous goods [Lasa]

2010  Book off cafe [Shirokanedai]  Window live painting

2010  Cure fair ball [Tokyo Vic site] branch

2011  Seikei University advertisement workshop issue  Free paper  The illustration/character].

Eastern Japan great earthquake reconstruction assistance "Arts Action 3331" participation planning is exhibited in 2011.

2012  T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY [Tennozu] exhibition "MEGAMI"

2013  Shrimp Bank [Ikebukuro] restaurant logo

2014 year "POP ART TSUKASA" collection of paintings is sold limitedly in amazon.

2014  Corporation MAJESUTI public relations department belonging  The package design of goods, the character design and the logo design

2014 year [China] originality world  CREATIVITY 2014.10 VOL 10  Cover and article carrying.

2014  Jimdo Another Story KDDI Communications book page carrying